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Author: My View | Official IWFA Blog By Darrell Smith Created: 11/7/2013
This is the official blog of the IWFA. Written by Darrell Smith, the Executive Director of the IWFA. With over 35 years of experience in the window film industry, Darrell provides comments and insights on the current state and future opportunities within the window film community.

Summer Is Here! Don’t Forget the Window Film.

By darrell@iwfa.com on 6/19/2015

Summer is finally here! It’s the season for beach time, vacations with family and friends, road trips and just enjoying the great outdoors in whatever ways you like best – from backyard barbeques to catching a wave at the ocean. 

Spring Into Comfort with Window Film This Year

By darrell@iwfa.com on 5/4/2015

Spring has sprung and it is Window Film season! There are so many reasons more people than ever think of this time of year as the perfect time to address the issues window film helps to solve.  As weather warms up, window film is pr ...

Enhance Your Home with Window Film To Celebrate Earth Day All Year

By darrell@iwfa.com on 4/8/2015

Hurrah! Spring is finally here. It’s when we often take a fresh look at how to make improvements and enhancements at home. Forsome of us, snow is melting away and our indoor environments are warming up too. It’s time to think about the cooling season and how to get more efficient with our energy use and costs. 

Get ready for April 30, 2015: National Window Film Day!

By darrell@iwfa.com on 3/5/2015

You know something is important when we have a national day to recognize it on the calendar! The big day is coming so be sureto put this on your books and stay tuned to get smarter than ever about thehome improvement you will not want to mi ...

Love Your Home Like Never Before this Valentine’s Day; with Window Film

By darrell@iwfa.com on 2/11/2015

Pick up your favorite box of chocolates or a bouquet of fresh flowers, and along with a sweet card, tuck in our consumer booklets on energy savings and health benefits of window film (they can be downloaded free from our website). Let your ...

Make Your Home The Best It Has Ever Been in 2015

By darrell@iwfa.com on 1/15/2015

We all have New Year’s resolutions and it's a great feeling to make plans that will improve our health, our homes and our lifestyles. Making a resolution is a great way to kick off the year with the hope that the year ahead will be even better than the last. When it comes to our homes, resolutions for home improvement don’t have to be expensive to make a great impact. Just like committing to an exercise regimen, resolutions and goals need to be realistic and achievable. Installation of professionally installed window film for 2015 is a great idea for a variety of reasons. It is a cost-effective enhancement that helps you live better by protecting your family’s skin (not to mention your furniture, rugs and art) from UV damage, making the building envelope more energy efficient, and more comfortable too. The IWFA is dedicated to helping home owners understand how professionally installed window film can help make their home environment more comfortable, safer, more energy efficient and h ...

It's the Season for Giving Thanks and Enjoying Friends & Family At Home; Make the Most of it with Window Film

By darrell@iwfa.com on 11/11/2014

This year has been a busy and fulfilling one for the IWFA and the industry as a whole. We are tremendously thankful for the rewards of hard work. We hope you feel the same as we look towards Thanksgiving and the coming holiday season.

Lesson to Learn: Don’t let things get ‘scary’ this Halloween! Professionally installed window film is the protection you need

By darrell@iwfa.com on 10/23/2014

This is a fun time of year! Kids are thinking about costumes and spooky pranks to celebrate the season of autumn and Halloween to kick things off! When you really think about it though – things can get scary if you don’t keep your family protected at home. Window film is a great way to ensure things don’t actually get creepy this season, and all year round. Here are a few things to think about.

Lesson to Learn: Window Film Gets an "A” This Back-to-School Season

By darrell@iwfa.com on 9/10/2014

After a summer break peppered with beach days, road-trips and vacations, back-to-school season often means getting back to well planned routines for everyone in the family. It’s also a popular time to think about home improvement.

Be Smart About Protecting Skin from UV Damage, Indoors!

By darrell@iwfa.com on 8/7/2014

In the height of what some may think of as” sun worshipping season” the IWFA is thinking not only about the long, sunny days of late summer – but also about the health and well-being of consumers that may be getting too much UV exposure without even realizing it while they’re indoors.