Accreditation Training and Testing

The IWFA is the source of accredited: 
  • Automotive Film Specialists 
  • Safety & Security Film Specialists 
  • Solar Control Specialists 
  • Advanced Solar Control Specialists 
Working with an IWFA Accredited Specialist assures the consumer that the dealer with whom they are working has successfully completed testing on important areas of technical and installation expertise. For information on these education programs, please visit our Education Services page or view an updated list of all IWFA Accredited Members.

Where the accreditation tests are offered:
The IWFA administers all accreditation programs at the IWFConference each year, at various meetings as requested by a manufacturer or distributor, or through an online testing service.

Online testing is processed through the IWFA and Gainesville Independent Testing Services. A participant must register with the IWFA and pay the required fees, after which the IWFA will send the study manuals. When he is ready to test, he will contact GITS to arrange a time and test site near his location.

How to register for a test:
The candidate must complete the Registration Form and submit to the IWFA office with fees paid either by check or credit card throught the IWFA Store. (The candidate must select the correct accreditation and the corresponding manual before paying with a credit card.) Once the registration has been received by the IWFA office and processed, the educational material for study will be mailed to the registrant.

Fees for IWFA tests: 
  •  Member $100.00 ______ plus cost of manual 
  • Non-member $300.00 ______ plus cost of manual

Fees for online tests: 
  •  Member $125.00 ______ plus cost of manual
  • Non-member $325.00 ______ plus cost of manual
Cost of manuals: 
  •  Solar Control Manual---$29.95 
  • Automotive Manual---$5.00
  • Advanced Solar Control Manual---$39.95 
  • Safety & Security Manual---$29.95