IWFA Advertising Policy

False or misleading advertising can result in enforcement actions and fines imposed by federal and state authorities in the United States and federal and provincial authorities in Canada, and may also result in litigation by competitors who have lost sales because of the false advertisement, or consumers who have suffered injury because a product did not possess an advertised safety or quality attribute. For these reasons, and because false advertising may undermine the public confidence in the window film industry, the International Window Film Association adopts the following advertising guidelines. 

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IWFA AntiTrust Policy

All IWFA members should be sensitive to the fact that federal and state antitrust laws apply to trade associations as well as to individuals and companies. Accordingly, each IWFA member must be alert to legal issues that may arise in the contact of participation in the Association's activities. This paper briefly summarizes the antitrust guidelines for use by IWFA members.

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IWFA ServiceMarks Policy

The IWFA ("Licensor") will include in the member packet, and will make available at your request additional such materials, including electronic media, various stickers, pins, decals and other indicia of the registered Servicemarks of the IWFA (the "Marks"), for your use in identifying your company ("Licensee") as an IWFA member.  
As a benefit of membership, Licensor grants, and Licensee accepts, a limited license to display the Marks solely in connection with Licensee's membership in the IWFA

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