IWFA ServiceMarks Policy

The IWFA ("Licensor") will include in the member packet, and will make available at your request additional such materials, including electronic media, various stickers, pins, decals and other indicia of the registered Servicemarks of the IWFA (the "Marks"), for your use in identifying your company ("Licensee") as an IWFA member. 
As a benefit of membership, Licensor grants, and Licensee accepts, a limited license to display the Marks solely in connection with Licensee's membership in the IWFA. In exchange for the right to display the Marks:
  • You agree that Licensor retains and holds all right, title and interest in the Marks, and holds the exclusive right to control the Marks. 
  • You also recognize the great value of the Marks, and that the Marks have secondary meaning in the mind of the public. 
  • You also agree that you shall not do, or permit to be done, any act or thing that might in any way impair the goodwill or other rights of Licensor in the Marks, or that might otherwise prejudice or damage the reputation of the Marks or the IWFA. 
  • You also agree that you will not transfer, alter, redesign, assign, mortgage, sublicense or otherwise encumber the Marks without the express written consent of the IWFA. 
  • You also agree that upon termination of your membership in the IWFA, you will cease display or other use of the Marks, and immediately return all indicia of the Marks to the IWFA. 
  • You also agree that you will not, at any time, attack the title or any rights of Licensor in and to the Marks or attack the validity of this limited license.