Framing System

Framing systems serve to minimize the edge deflection of the glass, keep water and air out of the building, and provide a method of cushioning as well as thermal isolation for the glass. Wood, vinyl and aluminum are commonly used for residential applications and, on occasion, for commercial use. Aluminum and steel are mostly used in commercial with aluminum use found to be in the majority of the designs because of the diversity of shapes and ease of fabrication. 

The framing system should be inspected to make sure that the glass will be given proper support and that the materials used are performing and not showing signs of deterioration that will lead to problems with other components. 

In addition, it is important to check the amount of glass that is encapsulated in the frame and gasket assembly. This is typically referred to as edge bite. If the edge bite exceeds 1/2 in. for annealed glass, the risk of thermal breakage is greatly enhanced whether or not window film is applied. Therefore, window film should not be applied in this case. 

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