Summary of Major Guidelines

The following is a summary list of all of the items that are contained in this document that would require that the film not be applied to a particular window unless it is done with the advice and consent of the manufacturer. If even one of these conditions is violated the final column in the window description table should indicate that it is not recommended that window film be applied to this window. 

  • Annealed glass that has a combined total of 50% absorption 
  • Annealed glass that is thick 
  • Annealed glass that has large edge bite 
  • Shading patterns on annealed glass 
  • Surface damage 
  • Uncertified IG units 
  • Insulating glass with obvious seal failures or history of seal failures 
  • Insulating glass with unexplained replacement 
  • Old insulating glass (10 years or older without quality dew point test) 
  • Insulating glass and framing systems with moisture problems 
  • Failed dew point test 
  • IG unit Certification 
  • Building with high glass breakage amount of unexplained nature 
  • Inside light breakage of IG units of unexplained origin

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